Where Will Big Ed's Beef Jerky Take You?

From PA to Denali…

Big Ed’s is a family (woman owned) company.   Before we became a company we made jerky in our kitchen.   We developed a mix of spices that went into what our family and friends said was the best jerky they had ever tasted.   The first jerky was enjoyed by just those family and friends, but it soon became obvious that Big Ed’s Jerky was pretty special.   Everyone wanted some.   So we decided to make that happen.  READ MORE…

Loaded with Protein and other Goodness

24 hour turnaround…

We guarantee quick turnaround.  So quick it will be out our doors within 24 hours from ordering!

What Our Customers are Saying…

A Perfect Snack

Big Ed’s Beef Jerky is my favorite jerky.  It is tender and has a great flavor!  It is a perfect snack for my busy lifestyle.

Leah Samuels

Unmatched by Competitors

With a heavy schedule of travel for work, bike racing, and training convenient foods are key. Good beef jerky occupies the top of the list and I have yet to find a better jerky than Big Ed’s. The flavor is unmatched by competitors and it is the perfect snack whether racing up mountains, working hard at the office or just a mid-day treat.

Alex Cox
Cat 1 Semi-pro Cyclist

Tasty and Filling

Big Ed’s has a taste that you can’t find from any other brands, making it a fantastic on-the-go snack that’s both tasty and filling.

Dan Krall


The flavor, texture, consistency, moisture level, etc … It’s really incredible!

Dana Severson
Stick in a Box

Wherever Your Adventure Takes You...

...make sure you are fueled with Big Ed's Beef Jerky!

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