This month’s blog is for the ladies.   You guys might want to read it too.  

I want to ask you to think back over your life.  Think of the times when you laughed the hardest and cried the hardest.   Picture the faces of the people that you can’t wait to call or text when something really wonderful has happened.   Think of the faces of the people that you call or text when your world is falling apart.   I’ll bet that most of those faces are the faces of your girlfriends.   Not to say that our spouses, significant others and our children aren’t important.   Of course they are.   Of course they bring us happiness and joy.  But who is always there through thick and thin?   Who can you always depend on? It is your girlfriends. 

I was reminded of this recently when I spent a weekend with 10 wonderful ladies.   We were together to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a mutual friend.   Here is the thing that struck me.   We were all different ages, all different backgrounds and had all bonded with the bride from sharing a mutual experience   Some of the ladies were childhood friends of the bride but all of us bonded when we joined a woman’s triathlon team.   The same team where I met Traci who I blogged about last month.   The weekend had been put together rather quickly but everyone made it happen because we all knew how important these times are and how much it meant to our friend.    And it was quite a weekend.   We did laugh until our stomachs hurt.     And it was clear that these ladies will be there not just for the good times but the bad times too.

Think about the last difficult time you faced.   Maybe it was a relationship problem, trouble with your children, a death in the family.    Again, picture the faces of those who you leaned on.   Those who dropped everything to help and comfort you.   I hope that you or a friend are not facing the daily reality of domestic or sexual abuse.  I know that these women reach out to their girlfriends but sometimes they may need more help.   Often it is a girlfriend who will encourage then assist their friend to find an organization to help them.  We are very fortunate in our area to have the Blackburn Center to help victims of domestic and sexual violence.  And if you are fortunate you have at least one good girlfriend who will always be there for you.

So in good times and in bad there is just something about girlfriends.   No matter how busy the schedule they will adjust their lives to be there for each other.   Think of your own girlfriends.    They always return your call or text.   Right?  They always show up.  

Always hold onto your girlfriends.


“The circle of women around us weaves an invisible net of love that carries us when we’re weak and sings with us when we’re strong.”   author unknown

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