February is the month of love.  
What comes to mind when you hear the word love?  Perhaps romantic love – especially during this month when we are surrounded
by images of hearts and flowers and inundated by commercials encouraging giving the gift of diamonds.  Because “she’s the center of your universe.”
This got me to thinking about what really is the center of my universe. What do I really love? How do I convey that love?  This led me to reflect on the
different kinds of love.
We use the word love casually.   “I love that dress.”   “I love wine”.  “You will love that movie.”
What does that really mean?   The dictionary defines love as “an intense feeling of deep affection”.  Do we really
have intense feelings of deep affection for a possession? For our favorite food?   For wine?   Well maybe for wine.
The thing is that English has just one word.  Love. Other languages have multiple words to convey love.   Sanskrit has
a whopping 96.   Imagine how much easier it would be to convey our feelings. 
Have you ever talked about the love you have for your significant other and then differentiated it from the love you
have for your child?  Your dog?  Your aunt? Your country? Your favorite charity?
It would just be easier if we had more words for love.
So during this month of love enjoy the hearts and flowers.  Focus on whatever is the center of your universe. 
But also think about everything else that you love and spread that love around.

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