Do you think that you are lucky?   Or maybe blessed?  

March is the month of St. Patrick’s day when we talk about the luck of the Irish, four-leaf clovers and rainbows with pots of gold.  Even if people aren’t Irish we sometimes have all sorts of rituals or trinkets that we think or hope will bring us good luck. 

I remember when I was young going with my friend and her grandmother to Friday night bingo.  My motivation was to laugh and be silly with my friend which did not please the serious bingo players.   I recall being amazed at their rituals.   They would arrange their bingo cards just so.  Arrange their multiple daubers.  Some of them had so many cards that I am not sure how they kept up with them.   After arranging their cards and daubers they would bring out their good luck charms.   Some people only had one.   Others had 2 or 3.  But I remember several ladies who had so many that I stopped counting.   I did see a few rabbit’s feet but most of the good luck trinkets were items that meant something to each person.   Maybe it was a coin that they had been given as a child.   Perhaps a locket from a loved one.  I always wondered at the end of the night if they had not won anything on all of those cards surrounded by all of those trinkets if they would still bring them the next time.   Of course, they always did.  When they did win, it was because of those good luck charms for sure.   There were plenty of people who had no items to bring them luck.   It is my guess that they probably won just as often as those with their charms.   I never really studied it so who knows?  

So, what does it mean to be lucky or to be blessed?   Do we win things or have blessings in our lives because of good luck charms or maybe because of something we believe in?  Personally, I subscribe to the notion that most of what happens is random but I do believe that if I look on the positive side, reach out to those in need and surround myself with kind and caring people I will be blessed.   But just in case there is anything to it, I’m going to look for my lucky rock and take it with me everywhere.   I can’t remember why it kept it.  Just that I had a rock collection at one time and this one was my favorite.  I remember painting something on it and feeling that it was special in some way.  I think I will keep my lucky rock with me – at least for the month of March.

“Wherever you go whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you!”

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