I was driving on one of my favorite country roads the other day.  Past the farm where my favorite cows slowly move
up the path to graze for the day and one lone goat stands watch near the barn.   And it hit me just as it hits me every year.  
I never know the exact day.  I don’t think about it or wait for it.  But it always happens.  The grass is suddenly bright green.
It is like it happened overnight. One day I’m driving and suddenly there it is.  One day the grass is dull and brown and
seemingly overnight it is a vibrant green.  I drove on this same road yesterday and nothing struck me.
When I notice it I am immediately aware of feeling happy, hopeful and contented. Spring is really here.  Those
of us living in the northern hemisphere are accustomed to being teased by Spring.  One day warm and pleasant and
the next blowing ice and snow.   Don’t put those boots away too soon.  But something about that bright green grass
just does it for me.  I know this is it.   Spring has arrived.   I’m not sure when I stop noticing it.   Do I get use
to it? Does it get less vibrant?   I can’t answer that.   But at least for a few brief days it is there.   Those few days at
the beginning of Spring when everything seems to be coming to life. 
It is a fleeting time.  As much as I want to hold on to that feeling, that awareness of nature coming to life, I know
that it is passing.   I can’t force it just as I can’t anticipate when it will happen.
So as nature unfolds here in the beautiful rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania, I will enjoy that brief time of
awareness and hope.   Then on to other adventures until next Spring on that day when I’m driving on my favorite
country road, past the cows and I am suddenly struck by how bright the grass has gotten overnight.

“Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.”  Victor Hugo

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