We all have one.   They may not be with us any longer but somebody gave birth to each one of the 7.3 billion people on this planet.    Powerful stuff when you think about it.   So, I think that it is good that there is a day set aside to honor our moms.  Even if it is just giving thanks for giving us life.

Our relationships with our moms run the gamut.   Some are very close.   Some are very distant.  And everything in between.

As I sat down to write this blog, I naturally thought about my own mother.   She is no longer with us but she left her mark.   Due to battles with depression and anxiety, I guess you could say that she wasn’t always the best mother.  But as I have grown older, I realize that she was the best mother that she could be.   I acknowledge all the times that she wasn’t there and all the things I missed because of that, but then I try to focus on who she was when she was feeling good.   My mother had a silly sense of humor.   I loved that about her and I cherish those memories.   

As she got older, the battles with mental issues subsided.   By then I was married and had my own daughter.    I will always be thankful for the relationship that my mom and my daughter had.   My mom knew that the sun rose and set on my daughter.   They spent a lot of time together and to be honest, I would often find myself wishing that my mom could have been the person for me that she was with my daughter.   I often wish that we could have talked more, and that I could have known her better.

I few years ago I had an experience that did help me to know her better.   I am the only girl in our family with 3 older brothers.   So, when my mother died I was responsible for her “stuff”.   Once we divided the pictures and found homes for larger items I was left with a box of my mom’s keepsakes.   I labelled the box, placed on a closet shelf, and forgot about it. 

 I’m not sure why I decided to go through those things.   I’m only glad that I did.   In looking through her keepsakes, I met my mother.   These were the things that were important to her, the things that brought her joy.

 I looked at the album titled “School Day Treasures of Happy Memories.”   And they were.  Her school, her teachers her classmates.   There were sections for a young girl to record all the activities that were important in her life.  The class play, senior banquet, graduation.  Not surprisingly the sports section was empty.   My mother was never much of an athlete.   I smiled when I read what she chose to leave to the next class.   “A box of giggles that the teacher cannot hear.”  I met my mother as a young, vibrant high school girl with that same silly sense of humor.  

I read her “Bride’s Book” full of all the memories of her wedding day.   She had written out the instructions for the ceremony in her own hand.   She included a lock of her own hair along with one from my dad.  There was a tiny flower pressed on one page.  It was labelled with the date my father had given it to her.   Through those items, I could connect with my mom as a young bride full of hope for the future.

My mother was very sentimental.  I am thankful for that.  I hope that your mother is still with you and that you can be with her on Mother’s Day.   Either way, take a little time to think about her and who she was before she became your mom.

Happy Mother’s Day

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