Showing Up

It has been an interesting year so far. Busy, fun, exciting, sad, confusing.  So many thoughts,  so many emotions.   Through it all my one overriding thought is how very lucky I am and how thankful I am that in good or bad times I can show up for people who need me and that people show up for me. 

I’m reminded of the lyrics to the song Just Breathe:

“Yeah I’m a lucky man
To count on both hands
The ones I love
Some folks just have one
Yeah others they got none”

I am very lucky to have a wonderful family, good friends, and my health.   Sadly, I have friends and family members who have had or are currently facing devastating illnesses.  I’m thankful that I could show up for them.   Just being there is as important as actually doing something.   I have a family member who recently underwent surgery and is recuperating.   I picture the faces of the people who have showed up for him – for us – in whatever way they could.   Nothing lifts the spirits of someone recuperating from surgery or illness more than a friendly face showing up at the door, the unexpected phone call or card from far away.   It matters that people take time from their busy lives to reach out and lift the spirits of another person.

Showing up for the good things is just as mportant.   Graduations, awards, weddings, or sporting events.   When we invite our friends and family to share in our joy it is so important and matters so much when they show up.  We had a momentous occasion in our family this year.   My daughter earned her doctorate degree.   We had a party to celebrate, inviting those people who have mattered so much to her.   I was moved by the people who took time out of their busy schedules to show up.  Even if only for a short time.   It mattered and meant so much to her and to us – her parents.

I read this recently.  “The best friends aren’t necessarily the ones you’ve known the longest or have the most fun partying with, but are the ones who SHOW UP.”

I’m often surprised by who shows up and who doesn’t. Sometimes, the people you show up for over and over don’t show up for you.  Or maybe someone shows up for you and you let them down.  We all get caught up in our own lives and don’t take the time to show up.  Nobody is perfect.  

Think about your friendships.  Weed out the ones who keep letting you down — not just once, but over and over — and cherish those who keep showing up.  Then keep showing up for them.

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