Do you make them?   Do you keep them?

If you don’t make them, do you at least think about it when January 1st rolls around and everyone is talking about it?   I’ll bet you do.  Does it cross your mind for just a moment?  What would my resolution be – if I made one?

Estimates say more than 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions.   Just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals and 80% of them fail by February.

You might be thinking “See, I knew there was no point.”    Maybe you used to make them but gave up since, like most people, you didn’t keep them anyway.   Who wants to feel like a failure?

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.   But this year I thought about what mine would be if I did make them.   I realized that the notion of making a resolution made me uncomfortable, but if I thought of it more as an intention it somehow felt right.

I did a little research and learned about a “sankalpa.”  Sankalpa is Sanskrit, and it means an intention formed by the heart and mind — a solemn vow, determination, or will.

Bingo.   Now this is something I can work with.   Further research suggested 2 steps to set a sankalpa – an intention:

Step one: Set a positive intention, focusing on the results you want, rather than thinking about what you don’t want (as tends to be the case when we set New Year’s resolutions).

Step two: Let it go. The Universe conspires on our behalf. Where energy is placed, the Universe augments it.

I had to think about this for a bit.   Getting a little deep.   I tried to not overthink it.

My takeaway for 2018.   Each day focus positive energy on whatever I am doing and on whoever I am with.   Don’t focus on results but focus on goals.   Be realistic about my human limitations.   Be willing to adjust when circumstances change.   Trust the universe to respond to my positive energy.   Every day won’t be perfect, but I will choose a direction and keep moving toward the goal.

Be kind to yourself and have an incredible 2018.




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