Big Ed's History

Big Ed’s is a family (woman owned) company.   Before we became a company we made jerky in our kitchen.   A family member had developed a mix of spices that went into what our family and friends said was the best jerky they had ever tasted.   The first jerky was enjoyed by just those family and friends, but it soon became obvious that Big Ed’s Jerky was pretty special.   Everyone wanted some.   So we decided to make that happen.

In 1999 Big Ed’s, Inc. was born.   Since then we have sold thousands of pounds of jerky to hundreds of individuals as well as multiple businesses including bars, clubs, sports teams and parks to name a few.

Big Ed’s gets regular orders from all over the United States including Alaska where it has been enjoyed by climbers scaling Mt. McKinley.

We are proud that Big Ed’s Jerky has travelled to Iraq and Afghanistan where we are told that it is a big hit with our troops.

Big Ed’s Jerky is USDA approved, low in fat and high in protein.   Our jerky is packaged and sealed in such a way that makes it easy to tear into but maintain its freshness.

At Big Ed’s we like what we do.   We know that we have a superior product that we offer for a fair price.

Our goal is to make Big Ed’s accessible to even more people.

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